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License plates and sport vinyl cutter plotter CLIP ART vector 1 CD pack MUST SEE
License plates and sport vinyl cutter plotter CLIP ART vector 1 CD pack MUST SEE
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Vector Clip Art

See More About:    Vector Clip Art        Vector Clip Art        Vector Clip        
Making Simple Vector art in Photoshop

10 Mistakes Customers Should Never Make When Getting Their Business Logo Designs

Web is becoming more influential as the rivalry among online businesses is intensifying and daily million of attraction grabbing websites are hitting the search engines to communicate with their targeted audience. As a logo is the most essential tool of effective customer-business communication. But its efficacy halts even before introducing your logo to the public if you show them a bad logo design that neither impresses customers nor builds you an unique brand identity.

In order to get successful and creative professional logo designs, you should avoid the following mistakes during your logo design process.

1. Logo By An Inexperienced Designer

Only a skilled and qualified designer can generate best logo designs and their design worth the time and money you invest into your logo project. To get a perfect logo and avoid a bad logo design, always try to avoid doing the following;

  • Don’t design your logo yourself, just to save money.
  • Don’t take favor of close friends and relatives with little or no designing sense and skills.
  • Give a pass to local printers, as they are not designing proficient.
  • Don’t outsource your project to websites owned by amateur designers.
  • Don’t outsource your project to websites/companies known for designing cheap logos.

2. Don’t Rely On Trends

High quality business logos and expert logo designer hardly ever rely on trends because they understand that trends such as swooshes, glows or bevels just come and go. They don’t stay longer. While business logo designs should be lifelong and should not get affected by latest design tricks and gimmicks. It should be unique and life serving.

3. Don’t Use Raster Images

Always obtain the final files of your logo in formats such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Vector image logos can be scaled up to any size, cab be reproduced, edited and used on various media sources. While raster image designs cause problem during reproduction, scaling and printing.

4. Don’t Accept Clip Art Designs

Amateur designers often lack the skills and knowledge to design complex and out-of-the-box logos and they may intentionally or unintentionally offer you a logo that has been stolen and violates copyright laws. So your logo should be original, and its ownership rights should exclusively be with you.

5. Designing for Yourself Rather Than the Client

If you are a designer yourself, then follow the golden conduct code of strictly following the client’s ideas. Sometimes designers put their own ideas into designs assuming it look good and client would love them as well. However seldom you can incorporate your own ideas but not all the time. So be careful, or seek client’s permission before doing so.

6. Overly Complex

Many clients as well as designers try to put all ideas into a single design that adds nothing to logo but perplexity. A complex logo makes its difficult to read and understand for the customers and they can’t associate themselves with a logo they don’t know the meaning. Good custom logo designs are always simple, easily readable and memorable and it’s because they focus just on the main concept.

7. Don’t Rely On Color For Best Design Effect

This is the frequently repeated mistakes that people make when designing logos. Adding colors should be your last step during your logo design process. The best strategy is to first design your logo in black & white and then test the logo with various colors so client can tell you what color he likes the most.

8. Poor Choice Of Font

Most designers ignore the fact that adding proper fonts is as crucial for a successful logo as its colors and concept. When it comes to creating a professional logo design, it is essential to pick and apply a font that represents business nature, such as fun or serious business. Your selected fonts should also be readable and should not let your customers to guess what is written on your logo.

9. Don’t Add Too Many Fonts

Every typeface is different from other and readers always take some time to recognize a font and adding too many fonts can add complexity to your logo and make is difficult to read and less meaningful. Best approach is to use maximum 2 fonts of different weighs and it will certainly make your custom logo designs easily readable and will also boost brand recognition.

10. Don’t Copy Others Logo

This is the most horrible mistake that designers will make if they opt to plagiarize someone else’s logo design. People who already recognize that logo will associate your logo with the business that actually owns that logo. So it’s better to get your own creative logo designs even it takes some extra time.

Logo Time is known as an experienced creative logo designs expert and it’s affordable logo design cost fulfill the above mentioned criteria.

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See More About:    Vector Clip Art        Vector Clip Art        Vector Clip        

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